Magick Balance & Harmony

The Magick Balance and Harmony system connects you to the universal spirit source – Goddess and God energies for empowerment.  It brings harmony and balance of energies.  The energies of this system are pure, powerful and empowering.  It helps to clarify the different aspects of Magick (white or black) so that your energies will be balanced and in harmony as well as pure toward your intent in any magickal working.  The symbol helps you to connect quickly so that you can stay empowered as you follow your magickal path.

There is often confusion about where to draw the line on white magick verses black magick.  Most people understand that wishing harm on others is definitely in the dark energy realm.  However, energy is energy, and has no true good or bad aspects.  It is us that decides and judges what is good and what is bad.  There really are no distinctions between white and black witches – there are only witches.

While we only work to bring in positive energies, there are times when we need to protect ourselves form any negative or harmful energies others may send to us and also from physical harm.  Protecting and defending yourself and those you love from harm could be considered using dark energies.  So, how do you balance it?  How do you use the energies for positive reasons even if it may cause harm to someone else?  First, know that any energy that can heal can also harm.  It is not the energy that causes the trouble, it is the personal intention of the magick wielder that determines if the energy will harm or heal.  Don’t worry, you cannot accidently hurt someone with your magick or lightwork because lightwork always helps, it never harms.  And, if your intention is to send healing, love, prosperity or any other positive energy to someone or something, Infinite Intelligence always knows and will direct it to do the positive work.  You cannot unintentionally energetically harm someone or something.  It must be done with intention.

Using the symbol of this system helps you to stay in balance and harmony when working with energies.  The energies of Magick Balance and Harmony – White, Gray, Black Empowerment Reiki are all about empowerment and wisdom, to help you connect with the pure spirit energies and to guide you in wisdom to work with energies for the highest good and for positive manifestations of your intentions

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)