Magick & Healing Inspiration of the Willow

The Magick and Healing Inspiration of the Willow Empowerment connects you to the Spirit of the Willow Tree.  It holds a strong connection to the moon and the Goddess and also works to heal and restore your energies.  Working with this system also draws inspiration to enhance any form of creativity.

The Willow tree is sacred to the Goddess Brighid.  It sways in the breeze with energy that is flowing, gentle and soothing, and gives us healing and a release from tension and stress.  The Willow tree seeks water, bringing the magick of the moon and water along with cleansing and release.  The feminine connection to the Willow is the result of the graceful appearance and flowing of her branches.  Her energies also enhance psychic abilities and intuition.

Magick of the Willow Tree brings out your inner beauty and spirit.  Inspiration comes to the surface from within your Higher Being.  A pure connection to truth and confidence in yourself, with love from within for who you are works to heal your heart.  It allows you to accept yourself so that you can stand in your power and achieve your desires.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)