Magick of the Four Seasons LIghtwork connects you to creative source spirit and to the energies of all four seasons for empowerment. As the seasons progress through the year, the energies of each season change, flow and move forward. Always flowing always moving, always bring progress and empowering you with the most powerful energies of whatever season is present. Knowing and connecting to the specific energies of each season helps you to always get the best results and most powerful healing and magick. The energies of the Magick of the Four Seasons Lightwork is a flowing energy that brings harmony and personal power in all areas of your life.

Peak Times of the Seasons:

Spring Equinox: the time for rebirth, new beginnings and fresh starts. This is the power time for beginning new projects, and often is the prime time for meeting new friends and as the season of romance, for falling in love.

Summer Solstice: the time of joy, happiness and abundance. It is a power time for magicks of abundance, family gathering and relationships, and the time to experience the beauty, warmth and happiness of life.

Autumn Equinox: the time to gather your harvest, enjoy the fruits of your labor and to share your bounty with loved ones. It is also the time for honoring ancestors, giving thanks for all you have, and heightening relationships with family and friends.

Winter Solstice: the time of joy, expressions of love through gifts, gatherings of love and friendships, bonding together and celebrations. It is also the time for rest, regrouping, and getting energized for the coming of new life in spring, and for preparing for the future, new transitions and regeneration.

The symbol of this system works with your magick for healing, prosperity, loving family relationships, planning and organization, as well as all the energies of the four seasons.

Founder: Linda Colibert