Magick & Strength of the Oak




Magick & Strength of the Oak Empowerment connects you to the Spirit of the Oak Tree.  It brings energies of strength to empower you with courage, determination and the magickal properties of the Oak.  The might Oak Tree is well known for drawing abundance, for its strength, and for its protection.  Working with the energies of this attunement helps to overcome obstacles and draw abundance, and brings healing to those who seek empowerment.

The Oak Tree inspires us and teaches us how to be strong and endure many obstacles.  It is a strong tree with solid roots in Mother Earth.  The Oak is a slow growing tree, but it is sure and steady.  It is sacred to the Oak King in Celtic Lore.  He brings the fertile dance of spring and is a doorway to the future and opportunities.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)