Full Presence

Have you ever woken up from a dream feeling that it was very real?  We are multi-dimensional beings.  Long before we become consciously aware of existing in alternate or parallel or multiple realities, during our sleep time, we leave our body and travel.  Since it is easy for your spirit to travel when the conscious mind is asleep, you do so regularly.  You may go to help people, animals the Earth or places that are in alignment with your soul purpose.  Your spirit may also be receiving training or healing.  There are many things you can e engaged with during your body’s physical sleep, which you may feel require your attention, even when your body awakens.  Sometimes we don’t go anywhere while we are sleeping.  We are simply immersed in scenarios from our subconscious minds.  It can be just as difficult to fully return to conscious awareness after a dream or sleep time in which you are in the middle of your mind’s sorting and sifting of information from the previous days and weeks.  Additionally, some sleep time is spent processing information that causes you to learn a lesson or otherwise work through karma.  Any of these examples and many more can cause you to not be fully present as you begin your day.

Full Presence is designed to help you to be fully present no matter the reason why you weren’t completely present.  This system is a simple way to fully retrieve your self back to here.  After you receive your attunement you can activate its energies.  When you want an even more comprehensive Full Presence session or feel that doing each step consciously will be more effective, you can call upon the Strength Movers of the light who can help you in the following ways:

Withdraw Extraction is a Strength Mover who extracts you from wherever you were.
Withdraw Extraction hands you to a Glider who carries you to you here in physicality, gently gliding you back into your body.

Herald Arrival is the appreciation of the part of you who returned.
Glorious Reorganization spans from you here in physicality on up through your higher self and soul to Source, and integrates the part of you that has returned in the most exalted manner possible.

Resurgence of Calm provides the pearly smooth upwelling of peace and centered calm as all the parts of who you are now their place and are at home within you as one.

There is a belief that you have helped set forth your lifetime parameters before incarnation and then your soul releases unto you the parts of who you are that are beneficial to the tasks and experiences you are likely to encounter while here in a human body.  After much time of growth and learning, it is possible that additional parts of who you are at the soul level would be beneficial to have with you here in your physical embodiment.  These parts would arrive in a descension , dropping down from your soul level.  This may happen naturally and you may feel different and new skills being accessible to you.  At other times this new soul part its own likes and dislikes, which may vary from what you know to be true about yourself.  There can be a time of adjustment with this.  Even if there is not a specific attribute or aspect or yourself that arrives, it is likely that a stronger concentration of yourself will arrive, giving you more life force.  Full Presence can assist you to identify, motivate, transport and integrate these aspects of your soul.  Your life can be richer and it can be easier to attract the people, help and finances to your life that you want when there is a higher concentration of you in your body.  Your Light Quotient increases so that your body can hold a higher and fuller range of energies when more of you is here in your body.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture