Brain Electricity Energetic Booster Empowerment

Electric activity in your brain is as central to your intelligence as electrical lights are to your home. Researchers predict that the brain is organized by a hierarchy of electrical waves that control how one neuron communicates to another. We know that external forces such as cell phone emissions, especially those that emit electromagnetic fields can excite brain waves in potentially harmful ways. Brain Electricity Energetic Booster Empowerment protects from disturbance waves and the radiation emitted by electrical appliances, etc.

Brain Electricity Energetic Booster Empowerment helps to boost the performance of body systems to produce greater energy. It is channeled mostly to lift up the performance of brain neurons in transporting information. This system aligns four brain waves (Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta) to work at the right time, so that faster waves segue into adventures at one end, and slower waves inspire reflective insights at the other. It helps us to move from panic waves to sleep waves, or quiet moments to inspired innovations. We can learn to adjust brain waves to their advantage and for mental results desired. The mind can be helped to further focus and concentrate.

Brain Electricity Energetic Booster Empowerment stimulates the chakras located in the brain area, Ajna, Bindu, Guru, and Sahasrara.


Founder:  Jalu Wasonoadi