Energetic Clearing Reiki

Energetic Clearing Reiki is a unique, powerful and effective method of releasing blockages in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. These blocks hold us back from achieving success, happiness, love, health and abundant flow in all areas of our life. This system also helps to clear the energetic spaces in our aura and electromagnetic energy field.

Energetic Clearing Reiki is also a powerful energetic shield that originates form our Higher Self, runs throughout all our bodies and is grounded with the Earth. It permanently shields us from all outside negative energies so that once the protection is fully established we cannot be interfered with at any level. It protects us from low frequency, outside negative energies and compliments or assists any other high energies we work with to further our spiritual progress.

Some benefits of Energetic Clearing Reiki:
Clearing Energetic Spaces of Anger, Rage and Resentment
Clear the Aura and Electro-Magnetic Energy Field
Remove all Blocks to Abundance
Remove all Blocks to Self-Love
Clears the Central Channel
Clears the Central Nervous System
Clears the Chakras, Meridians, Nadis and All Other Energetic Systems
Remove any negative emotions (Depression, Hopelessness and Despair)
Clears the Emotional Body
Clears negative entities
Heal our relationships (Family, friendships, personal/intimate)
Clears the Mental Body
Clears the Monad
Clears and heals our Personal Finances
Clears the Personality/Multiple Personalities/Split Personalities
Clear and heal our Sexuality and Sexual Behavior and Expression

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso