Fertility and Joy of the Rabbit Empowerment

Fertility and Joy of the Rabbit Empowerment quickly connects you to the spirit of the Rabbit and creative source energy for healing and increased fertility in all its forms, and joyful empowerment. The energies of fertility help with conceiving – birth, ideas, etc., and also with increasing crops, abundance and yields of rewards in any area of your life. The energy of this system enhances spiritual, physical and emotional healing.

The fertility that the Rabbit brings can be in any area of life. They are connected to the earth element and bring abundance when you work with those energies. Rabbits are very adaptable and have learned to survive in cities as well as in the wilderness. Their energies teach us that the Earth is a fertile home and we are encouraged to take care of it.

One symbol is included in the manual to help you to connect to Fertility and Joyo of the Rabbit Empowerment.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)