Healing the Passion Flame Within Reiki


Healing the Passion Flame Within Reiki connects you with Spirit and the Higher source energy of Passion. This system works to help enhance and heal romantic passion, as well as working to brighten the flame of inner passion for what you love. There is a combined energy for improving creativity and positive sensuality. This energy warms your heart, flames the passion fire and brightens inspiration and creativity.

Healing the Passion Flame Within Reiki draws on the deep inner basic instincts and sense of survival that can fan the sensual passion flame into a burning fire. This comes from healing the root chakra energies. The root chakra also contributes to the drive and heartfelt passion of your dreams and goals, and especially creativity. Without this energy you will not have the determination and driving force to push you forward in all you do and desire to achieve. So while there is a sexual sensual nature to this energy, there is also a sensual creative driven energy that pushes you forward to succeed and achieve your goals.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)