Heart Flush


Heart Flush is a simple flushing energetic system that helps us to recognize and release deep emotional patterns and beliefs held at the cellular level. It allows you to be open to yourself and others so that you can honor both yourself and others for what they truly are. Thus the energy of Heart Flush brings compassion and forgiveness to your being so that you can move forward and also allow others to move forward without any emotional burdens or attachments. The energy can help heal physical issues that have manifested due to emotional traumas.

This system strengthens the emotions via the Heart Chakra, bringing forth energy of compassion for yourself and others. It’s higher frequency vibration activates the “higher heart” allowing you to be guided by a heart-centered consciousness which can bring joy, peace and emotional balance to your being.

Heart Flush also provides deep connection to the earth and facilitates earth healing, realigning the meridians of the earth’s etheric body. Realigning the energy meridians of the physical and subtle bodies at the emotional level, it removes old pain, harmonizing the emotional energy system and healing cellular memory.

Founder:  Argandini Titisari