Solar Force High Radiance



Solar Force High Radiance works with the energy of the sun.  It is very gentle and subtle energy that builds up in the root chakra and slowly and steadily adds strength throughout the body.  You may feel a surge of deep relaxation that allows a meditative state, along with a great deal of energy.  By this energy, all creative endeavors are enhanced, there is a greater ability to share energy with others and sexual functioning is enhanced.

Solar Force High Radiance offers protection from negative influences and thoughts.  It enhances the aura and balances the upper and lower poles of the body.  This energy is very useful for people working with emotionally disturbed individuals.

The energy of this system can be used anytime you need an extra boost of energy and it is a direct way of putting you in touch with the energy of all Existence.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso