Pink & Gold Success Reiki Empowerment


The energy of Pink & Gold Success Reiki Empowerment connects you to the creative universal source energy and the vibration of the colors of pink and gold. These colors are not only healing but also power colors that bring success and abundance as well. The energies are gentle and beautiful and may bring colorful visions as you receive your healing. Using these colors alone or in combination brings in a unique vibration of success in any area you are working in – healing, abundance, fame, love and more!

The color pink can be a soft, loving, gentle color that brings in healing, friendship, and harmony in relationships. But Pink can also be a very strong powerful color. Hot Pink is a vibrant energizing power color. It brings in the strength of femininity and personal power without the harshness of red. Being a blend of red and white, pink brings in power, and movement with the added benefit of honest, purity, spirituality.

Gold can be a metallic gold which is used in jewelry, and etc., or it can be a golden yellow color that is connected to the sun, to the solar plexus, and to personal achievements. This is a very energizing color that gives bursts of energy and power.

When you combine the colors Pink and Gold, by using them together, you get a wonderful blend of energies that work together to bring in love, abundance, empowerment, beauty, and harmony in a very spiritual way. When used in healing work, these colors give the loving energies that boosts wellness and well being and lifts the energies of those who may feel lethargic.

Pink & Gold together bring in positive fortune, and success energies that help you to achieve any goal you are working on. If you are looking to enhance your charisma, and become more successful in your work and career, the energies of this attunement will boost your self-esteem and confidence in a loving and positive powerful way.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)