Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique

The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique is a wonderful way to enhance your energy healing work and compliments other systems such as Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki and many more. According to Anna May, the founder of this system, “The Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique was founded following inspired communications with a number of Light Beings I work with. In particular, the Avalonian and Lemurian Light Beings (through Goddess Amara) were instrumental in bringing these high vibration connections to me…”

Working with the Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique will assist in returning you to a state of wholeness; you will be restored to your etheric blueprint and operate on the earth plate at your full potential as a Master Being of Pure Love and Divine Light. When you align yourself with the intention, the abundance and the love of the Universe you can live in accordance with your truth and achieve your potential through a conscious, creative process. The Lemurians are supporting all of humanity in this endeavor, and encourage us to call upon them for guidance, reassurance and inspiration.

Universal Light is the Source energy that permeates and sustains all of creation. Universal Light can be expressed as rays of different colored spiritual light. It is these multi-colored energies that are employed in the Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique. The seven rays may be considered different ‘aspects’ of the Universal light and are also reflected in the human energy field as chakras.

Different conditions can cause imbalance in different areas of the human energy field. A particular illness may cause or result from imbalance in a particular energy center. The channeling of energy for healing work will initiate chakra balancing on its own. However, through the Rainbow Sequence Healing Technique, this process can be applied more precisely and adapted according to the specific needs or the client or yourself at the time. This system keeps the chakras in a healthy state to ensure the free flow of energy up and down the main channel. In this state of balance and harmony, we are optimally connected to our own ‘higher light’ and to the Universe, and we feel ‘whole’ and at peace.

When we raise our own energy it also raises the consciousness and vibratory level of the whole world to some extent. These subtle changes to higher vibration radiate outwards to touch others. Regardless of whether you are consciously working towards your spiritual development/spiritual ascension, the Kundalini energy within you will be awakened. Our spiritual awareness is elevated and we come to manifest our ‘true’ or ‘higher’ Self to a greater degree and live out our spiritual destiny.


Founder:  Anna May