Divine Mother Healing Empowerment System

The energy of the Divine Mother Healing Empowerments is lent to us from Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kwan Yin, Lady Portia and Lady Nada, in their highest compassion and love for humanity. Receiving this energy is a most blessed sacred, peaceful, loving and powerful experience.

It offers the most profound healing to all who receive it as the Divine Mothers collectively minister to you in the areas where you most need healing, wherever it is needed in mind, body, soul or spirit.

During these attunement ceremonies the Divine Mothers will unfold their Mother light in the pink petals of the rose of each of their hearts comforting you and showering you with Motherly love and nurturance of mind, body and spirit. For those who wish to experience deep, profound, healing love from the Divine Mother’s collective energy these Empowerments are perfect for you. The Divine Mothers will sooth any source of spiritual, emotional, physical and mental pain or problems.

The Six Empowerments included in the Divine Mother Healing Empowerments System:
The Mother Mary Empowerment
The Mary Magdalene Empowerment
The Kuan Yin Empowerment
The Lady Nada Empowerment
The Lady Portia Empowerment
Divine Mother Healing Empowerment

As you receive the empowerments the pristine healing light of the Divine Mothers will nurture your spirit, your very soul, the core of your being, as well as your inner child. The Divine Mothers will cradle and comfort your inner child, delivering the most powerful healing imaginable, healing unresolved issues and trauma of childhood as well as negative patterns that you have adopted as a result. Running this energy will resolve these past childhood experiences, healing inner child issues so they no longer consciously or unconsciously control your present behavior.

The Divine Mothers will honor you in Divine Light and Illumination for how much you have grown as a person and in spirit giving the child within you the deserved acknowledgement for all the baby steps you have made along your journey before and after you hit your adult stride. The light of these loving Divine Mothers will clothe you in Divine Motherly Love allowing your heart to blaze forth with Christ light as their unconditional love, compassion and peace are poured upon you.

Activating the energy enables the Divine Mothers to hold you most close to their hearts in Divine Love and Service, helping you to anchor more light and love from the Divine Heart as well as healing the wounded aspects of your soul. You can feel the Divine Mothers’ presence as you receive the energy. You will be able to feel the comfort, experience the etheric wiping away of any tears and the cleansing of any sorrow held within you. You will certainly feel their comforting, ministering, and healing presences as you receive and work with the Divine Mother Healing Empowerments.

Using this system enables you to stand firm, facing and conquering any current difficulties. If you are facing a difficult season to your soul the Holy Mother’s energies will help you to endure this season by giving you strength and courage needed, assisting you in coping in ways that serve your Highest God and bringing you peace at the same time.

The Divine Mothers will assist you in transmuting karma, raising your consciousness, removing fear and doubt, releasing the cosmic Mother flow of Love for healing on all levels. They send you the flame of transmutation and freedom to transmute the cause, effect, record and memory of negative karma, melting hardness of heart, balancing old karma and freeing you from baggage that you have carried around in this and other lifetimes. Negative thoughts and painful memories, old hurts and wounds will be transmuted or healed.

The Divine Mothers’ energy supports you in loving and accepting yourself unconditionally as well as loving and accepting others unconditionally. The altar of your heart will be cleared. The Divine Heart within you will be magnified through working with this energy. The energy will enter the inner altar, your heart of hearts, the sacred space, the chamber of the heart, balancing and aligning, cleansing, clearing, healing this area so that your Divine Spark, the threefold flame within the Secret Chamber is burning brightly, operating as it should be, balanced completely as a requirement for the ascension.

This beautiful Divine Mothers’ aggregate Divine Light will flow into your being expanding the center of your heart, the core of your heart, the heart chakra, and all its many chambers, releasing any less than loving energies and balancing the entire heart region. Any energies within your Sacred Heart that interfere with your ability to be in alignment with the Divine Plan will be removed.

During activation of the energies your heart will be infused with the heart energy of Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Kwan Yin so that your heart and their heart are one, experiencing a heart to heart connection to each of these beautiful Ascended Masters. This will bind the love of your hearts together so that you experience the bliss of the Divine’s loving embrace and presence within you. This allows you to have the heart of these loving and compassionate Ascended Masters and their virtues, characteristics, dispensations and divine qualities instilled in your heart. The love vibrations of your being will increase.

The energy of these empowerments will profoundly support heart health. They will allow you to walk your path in beauty and grace, and strengthen your faith and belief in the Divine for Healing. The Four lower bodies will be balanced, making all things right in Divine love. As you activate this energy you are healing your body, mind, soul and spirit, and restoring your soul to balance and wholeness. Blocks in your energy flow will be cleared and released. Therefore, any problematic issues in any area of your life, including but not limited to health, money, financial issues, career/vocation, and relationships will no longer come from blocks to the flow of your vital life force. Any blocked energy will be released.

Your Spiritual body will be cleansed completely. Any blocks to your spiritual gifts will be removed so that all your spiritual gifts, abilities, wisdom and enlightenment within your soul and spiritual body may be accessible as well as integrated into your mind. Unneeded/Unwanted/Intrusive Negative Energy and emotions will be cleared so that only positive emotions remain. Impurities, negative energy, stagnant energy, toxic energy and any and all blockages will be released from your Etheric body so you anchor the higher vibration energies from the Divine Source. All negative thought patterns, belief systems and limiting/false beliefs/thoughts will be dispersed from your mental body.

Cleansing of the entire being, physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, energy systems, meridians, mind, body, spirit, chakras, aura, energy fields and soul will take place, dissolving negativity of any kind with the highest vibrations of loving energy from the Divine Source. Healing on all levels will be given. The energy will help you to develop Divine vision and to hold the Highest Vision no matter what the situation.

Experience the Love of the Divine Mothers today! Share this love and compassion with All and draw more love and compassion within you that you can give away, crating a new cycle of Motherly Love and Healing to all of Humanity.

This extensive manual covers descriptions, Divine Qualities, and Dispensations of the Divine Mothers. The Healing energies of this system may be used on yourself and for others. The Empowerments can be used to heal, protect, restore, renew, purify, cleanse and clear any area of focus in need, whether it is a part of the body, aura, situation, etc. They can be activated individually or collectively. There are no limitations to use of this system.

For the first Empowerment you can receive the energies either in real time or by chi ball. The remaining 5 Empowerments are sent by chi ball, one per day.


Founder:  Tracey Loper