Inner Warrior


If there is no connection to the Inner Warrior, one tends to hasty reactions or emotional outbursts, or suppressed the unwanted emotion. Many people find it too difficult to express themselves openly and without guilt. There may be emotions such as anger, resentment disappointment or feelings of being treated unfairly. The portion of the soul that is the Inner Warrior may be suppressed. The ego responds to external circumstances and acts out of a limited field of consciousness.

When the Inner Warrior is strong, the person is supported and radiates natural authority, is able to cope with life tasks and has high self-confidence. They know their limitations and boundaries. The Inner Warrior tells us when changes are necessary and gives us the strength to overcome obstacles impeding success. The Inner Warrior does not fight, but reaches out with the authority of love and inner strength to resolve all of their goals.

The Inner Warrior is an Initiation to a High Energy System. The activation of your Inner Warrior gives you confidence and self-confidence, helps you to find courage for a fresh start, to learn to embrace your own opinion, and to represent your own point of view and stand by it. The Inner Warrior overcomes feelings of inferiority, and aids the resolution of internal blockages of suppressed rage.

The Inner Warrior energy that is within us enables us to finish with the past, with outdated patterns, and leads us on our way with strength and confidence.


Founder:  Gaby Solina Grill-Mitterhofer