Efficient Memory Shakti

Efficient Memory Shakti provides education for your mind to better choose what to keep in your short term memory and what to send to long term memory. Sometimes a memory is not stored in the proper location. If your memories are in the wrong location, you could have too much unnecessary information in your short term memory and have difficulty recalling the “important’ information necessary for daily life. Efficient Memory Shakti increases your memory efficiency so that the proper information is in the right place.

Efficient Memory Shakti provides targeted assistance to educate your brain on exactly where various types of information are best stored. “Best” based on what is optimal for you. This system assists in the sorting and filing of information from your day in the manner most efficient for you. An intelligent divine being arrives to assist you. Shakti are similar to angels. They are feminine creative forces of Divinity with specific specialties. Each Shakti has a specific job description and work in concert with your higher self. Once you have received your attunement, your body and spirit will recognize the energy and easily work with your Shakti.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture