Goddess Fortuna



Goddess Fortuna bestows fertility upon lands, seeds, humans and your endeavors. She will teach you how to use Her energy of fertility in life. She can be called upon to bring Feminine Divine Fortune to positively influence your health and monetary condition. Goddess Fortuna brings you a deep filling energy that causes your cells to vibrate in alignment with fortune so that you attract all you want in life! Her energy strengthens you and brings benefit to arrive from any situation.

Qualities of Goddess Fortuna’s energy:
Feels full and invigorating
Supports you from the inside out, giving you the inner strength to move forward
Is the vibrational positioning of being fortunate meaning having more than you need and the health to enjoy it
Fortifies your energy field so you can use the cosmic laws of attraction
Opportunities will arrive to you
Causes you to look at situations with new eyes and from the perspective of a person wise beyond your years
Installs confidence to step forward and humility to ask for help upon your path
Shifts possibilities to your benefit
Assists lands to become fertile, lakes to be healthier for fish, streams and rivers self clean their water

Goddess Fortuna is a feminine personification of Divine Bounty. She attends to the fertility of land, spores, seeds, beans, and eggs of fish, fowl, animal, amphibian, human, reptile and other life forms on Earth. Her message for you is about fertility. “Fertility is both the potential and ability to grow, transform and become all that you are to be. I bring you fertility of thought brought manifest into your physical reality. I bring you fertility of your inner being to overcome pain and wounds so you can do the work to fulfill your responsibilities to you and yours. I bring you fertility of spirit so ye be in flow with Divinity, full of LOVE.”

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture