Healing Silence of Sige Reiki

Healing Silence of Sige Reiki encourages us to spend quiet time, to be still and listen to our inner guidance, the voice of the Divine within us that speaks to our soul and gently guides our path. This healing system assists us with supportive energy needed to meet great challenges in our lives that block us from spending quiet time daily. It will bring us awareness of our true Divine nature, aiding us in becoming more Spirit-like and empower us to mater our spiritual path of purpose.

Regular use of Healing Silence of Sige Reiki reconnects us to the Divine so we can hear the voice of the Divine and our Higher Self. Through practicing daily silence we will allow our minds to rest, enhancing our ability to receive knowledge from the Divine about our plan for our life path. We will also receive greater concentration abilities so we can tune out the noise around us. The energies will clear anything that causes our mind to wander during meditation and contemplation, will re-center us, rejuvenate us, help us to let go of worries and plans and to connect to our inner peacefulness. To know enlightenment we must contemplate and seek within ourselves for in truth we know all the answers. We have a great Source of wisdom right inside of us. In order to access this we must get silent and allow our minds to rest.

The Healing Silence of Sige Reiki will prepare our hearts by cleansing, clearing and opening the heart chakra. It will help us to remain open to the many ways Spirit tries to reach us.

Sige is the Goddess of silence. It is said that Sige was the eternal silence that there was before anything else. She represents the highest truth and perfection. Part of her purpose is to encourage us to listen to our own inner silence. It is important to make quiet time for ourselves to find our inner truth. As we spend more time with the Divine our true nature becomes apparent to us. We will come to know our Higher Self.

Founder:  Tracey Loper