Healing Through the Goddess of Avalon Morgaine La Fay


In our patriarchal world, the woman lacks the idea, spiritual symbols and systems that call on her subconscious. A long time ago, when Avalon disappeared in the mists, the old religion of the Goddess disappeared as well. The Goddess is in every creature. She is life itself. She personifies life and the holy body, the circle of life and death, the elements of earth, fire, water and air. She is around us in every moment of our present existence. She appears in the rain, the wind and in the warm beam of the sun, intuition, emotion, knowledge and feelings are resident in her invisible realm.

As a Celtic Woman, Morgaine La Fay had inherited the access to the magic of the earth. She was healer and priestess and she could shape shift. Morgaine was the daughter of Arthur’s mother Igraine and her husband Gorlos, duke of Cornwall. Sometimes Morgaine is put on a level with Morrigan, a figure from the Celtic myths.

Avalon is a mystic place, known from the legend of King Arthur. It lies hidden behind a veil of mist and only adepts can find their way through the mists to reach the island. Morgaine keeps the key to this world of magic and spiritual truth. In a time where intrinsic value and spiritual knowledge have largely been lost, more and more women find their way back to Avalon. Avalon can only be found and recognized by people who can see with the heart. Would you like to rediscover Avalon?

Morgaine was already on this earth during ages and in cultures that vanished a long time ago, such as the ceasing time of Lemuria. She is the guardian of the threshold to the new age, and she watches and guides the eternal wheel of rebirth. She keeps the great secrets of mankind and only lets those pass who are able to bear the higher vibration.

Initiations in new energies are enormous steps on your way to further development. Every assignment you get in life has its meaning and you only get it when you reach a level that enables you to cope. Are you ready for the next step and the energies of Morgaine?

The manual includes a meditating to help you find the Goddess within you. There are three symbols included in Healing Through the Goddess of Avalon to help you connect to the energies of this system.


Founder:  Heidi Gebhard-Burger