Nature Elements System

The four elements build up the forms of the subtle and physical bodies and exist on all levels (or planes), and empower the functioning of the bodies. Any disease produces a distortion or impairs the elements in the body. If one of them is weak, the devitalized element will produce a dysfunction in the body. Each element is connected with a specific chakra.

The Nature Elements System works on two levels:
To restore the health of the elements in the body.
To strengthen the receptivity of vital energies in the chakras.

The Nature Elements System has four attunements, related to each element, Earth, Water, Fire and Air. You are advised to take about a minimum of three days between attunements. You will be able to pass this system to others after you have completed all four attunements.   The first attunement may be received either in real time or by chi ball.  The other three attunements are sent by chi ball.

Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso