Loving Pink Energy Essence

Loving Pink Energy Essence connects you to source energy and to your higher self, as well as the loving energies of the color pink. This system works to bring healing to your soul, your heart and your aura. It reaches out to help you with healing relationships and making friends. It is a very compassionate color energy that brings a sense of self-worth to fill you with love and pink light energy.

Many of us go through trials and challenges concerning love – romantically, for ourselves, and also family and friends. No matter the type, relationships can be challenging. The energies of Loving Pink bring in healing for yourself, along with forgiveness and feelings of worthiness. It brings in healing for friendships to help you make new friends and to heal and strengthen existing friendships. It also draws in powerful love and healing for romantic relationships, strengthening the relationship and your love for each other.

Pink is a very powerful color. It pulls in the energies of pure white and the power of red to form a softened, loving energy. Pink is strong. Pink is love and compassion. Pink is healing and worthiness. Pink is forgiveness on all levels. Pink is friendships that last, and love relationships that endure and grow.

A symbol in included in the attunement to help you to connect to Loving Pink Energies.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)