Psychic Indigo Essence Energy

Psychic Indigo Energy Essence connects you to the pure source of energy of the color indigo with the intention and focus on the psychic energies of this color. There is a soothing and calming energy to this attunement that helps to quiet the mind so you can enhance your natural psychic abilities. It helps to draw in the psychic messages you need and answers you seek. Truth is always the center of the focus on this energy. Psychic Indigo Energy helps to open and clear your third eye, bringing you clarity and empowerment.

Everyone has a sixth sense. It is that inner knowing that we actually ‘feel’ followed by expressing the message within our minds. We re born with this ability, but many people learn not to trust it themselves because they are often criticized or told that it is silly and not real.

Whenever you feel something is not right, or something feels positive you are the only one feeling what you feel.

A symbol is included in this attunement to help you to connect to Psychic Indigo Energy Essence.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)