Spiritual Blue Energy Essence

Spiritual Blue Energy Essence connects you to the pure energy of the color blue and to your higher self. This color raises your vibration, opens up and clears your throat chakra, and lists your spirit into a lighter, happier realm. This is a spirit soul color that brings a deeper connection to your inner wishes, desires and energies in order to help you with speaking your truth and living in a higher frequency of light. You will find that your energies feel lighter with an inner honesty coming forth.

As a throat chakra color blue helps you to express the deepest desires and thoughts of your soul, those true feelings that are deep within. Your feelings are brought out into the open so you can begin taking steps to be who you really want to be and live your dream.

Blue is also a very healing color. It surrounds you with natural beauty and color that is soothing and healing. It helps to cool fevers, overheating, heatstroke, sunburn and just being too hot. It has a cooling energy that gently lowers the body temperature.

A symbol is included in this system to help you to connect to the energies of Spiritual Blue Energy Essence.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf