The Healing Grid




The Healing-Grid is a light energy grid that can help us on our spiritual journey. It has been shown that people who have had an Alignment or have had a Connection wit the grid have experienced many positive changes in their lives. They have learned to observe themselves, to recognize negative thoughts and emotions, to transform them and let them go.

It Aligns Your Own Light-Grid
Just like the earth is wrapped in an energy-grid, so too are we people wrapped in our own energy grid. Most of us are not conscious of the fact that we all have a Light Grid. This grid is often blocked from our perceptions trough emotional or mental hindrances. This affects us in different parts of our lives. But with the help of the Healing-Grid our own Light-Grid can be adjusted and repaired, and through this we can, when we really let it, grow quickly in our spiritual development. A true inner readiness for this is definitely needed.

It Works On A Mental And Emotional Level
Through the Alignment and Connection to the grid, we discover bit by bit that we create our world through our thoughts and addictions to our emotions, and through the Grid-Connection we can change it.

Our outer world is the mirror of our inner world.

It Puts Us In The Consciousness Of Noticing Synchronicities
This helps us become aware of certain things that happen to us, which seem to fit and could be a useful hint or clue to bigger and better things.

It Connects Us To The Flow Of Life
To be in the flow of life means to be connected, to enjoy the game of life with all of our joy.

It Makes Us More Conscious Of The Law Of Attraction
It attracts those things to us, which for this moment are important to us ranging and can also help us find the right process of letting go of old patterns. It can bring us closer to our true core, our true being.

It Works On All Levels Of Being
This system works at the cellular level, and goes beyond the visible and invisible levels of our being, from microcosm to macrocosm.

It Brings All The Aspects Of Our Being Back To Us
Aspects of our beings have been lost for many different reasons, and often leave us not whole. They can be stuck in other worlds, hanging on in past lives or memories or we may suppress them. Consequently we feel tired, unable to concentrate and are confused.

It Brings Us Back To Our Essence Of The Soul – To Our True Being
When we are really ready and let it happen we will learn about the masks we carry from one incarnation to the next. When we recognize them we will let them go and understand our godliness, and thus that we are immortal.

It Brings Us Together As One
It lets us become conscious that we are not all separate beings, but connected energetically with one another. Everyone has their own personality, but in our true center we are all the same. We are pure beings of consciousness and thus we are all one.

Through understanding and pulling our masks off we influence changes in ourselves and also that which is around us as well as influencing people in our lives – – it is a cascade effect.

The Grid-Connection is not just something you do. It sets a deep long lasting development process in motion.

“Being the observer helps us to watch ourselves, pay attention to our thoughts, to bring our consciousness and subconsciousness into harmony, so that we might create a life that brings us happiness.

The Levels Of The Grid-Connection


This Alignment is for your spiritual growth and also the requirement for the Connection with the Healing-Grid.

You will receive three sessions during which your own Light-Grid will be aligned. The Alignment can also be called a healing session, because you will experience a healing wherever your own Light-Grid does not really work properly or is actually damaged.

For the Alignment three sessions are needed. Sometimes, but very seldom, more sessions may be needed.

Before you decide on having the Alignment you need to test yourself first to see how much you are really ready to do this. Even if you think you are ready your subconscious may not be ready, perhaps due to fear of change or lack of belief.

Here are some suggestions for how you could test yourself:
• Imagine a scale from 1-100, or draw one.
• Put to your subconscious, your higher self, the highest instance of your subconscious, this question: “At what percent am I ready to receive this Alignment?
• Pay attention to the first number that pops into your head.
• If it is 100% then it is good.
• When it is only 70% then you have to increase it to 100%.
• Ask yourself why you want to do the Alignment, then ask yourself the question for example: “I want the Alignment to propel my spiritual development.”
• Then test again to see if the percentage has increased.
• When this is not the case, find more motivation until you have reached 100%, or wait until you are really ready for this.

The Guardians will also help you and test for you.

After the Alignment you will be registered so that you get the latest updates and information.

You will get more information about the preparation of the Alignment when you have decided to do it.

After you have had the three Alignment sessions you can book more specific sessions with a Guardian of the Healing-Grid for certain themes should you so desire. You may also decide to go further, and continue on the Connection to the Healing-Grid where you will learn how to work with this Grid.

Three session distant attunements (healing sessions with pre-arranged times and dates)


During this work (one session) you will experience a direct connection to the Healing-Grid, or you could call it a networking. The Connection happens over your own Light-Grid, that through the work with the Healing-Grid will get you on the network.

Through the Connection and help through the Healing-Grid for example, when you are not in your center, you can consciously let yourself be aligned.

You will have the abilities with the energy of the Healing-Grid to undertake easy, and effective healing sessions.

You will learn:
• How to test your own harmony
• How to align your own Light-Grid
• How to align your own Light-Grid for certain themes
• How to create a Protection-Grid – The Grid-Dome
• Different healing session methods
• Distant sessions
• Activation of the Energy Points on the Grid Meridians

Before you can receive the Connection to the Healing-Grid it is necessary to have the Alignment included in the three sessions.

It is important to test your inner readiness for this. You can do test with the scale from 1-100 as described above in The Alignment, and the Guardians can also help you with this.

If you get the Connection to the Healing-Grid from a distance, you should already have experience with Energy work!

After The Connection you will be registered again and will have access to the latest updates and information.

You will receive more information about the Connection when you decide to do it.

One session distant attunement with a pre-arranged time and date:


The initiation to become a Guardian (one session) is for people who will work responsibly with the Healing-Grid, and those who will care to spread the Healing-Grid. They are the Guardians of the Healing-Grid so that it will be anchored for people on earth.

For this, the Alignment (three times) and the Connection are required. Furthermore, the Guardians will be testing you as to how far your inner readiness is, meaning at the subconscious level they will test whether blockages are there, and they will help you with preparing for this.

During the Guardian initiation you will be connected to your own inner wisdom, with the Wisdom of the Guardians at all levels, and with the wisdom of your spiritual teachers.

As a Guardian you are empowered to work with the complete system and to initiate other Guardians.

You will learn:
How to test, if you believe in your own ability to work with the Healing-Grid
How to test, if the students are ready for the Healing-Grid
The Alignment-Technique
The Connection-Technique
The Guardian-Initiation
And other Techniques like:
Working with locations and situations
Light-Grid-Alignment for other people with a certain theme
Protection-Grid (Grid-Dome) for people

The Guardian will receive more written information, will be registered and receive a certificate. You will be empowered to work with the entire system.

One session distant attunement with a pre-arranged time and date:

Founder:  Daniela Hills