Glorious Sexual Shakti EssenceGlorious Sexual Shakti Essence is the manifestation of the celestial energy of the sacred divine, specifically representing sexual feminine energy. Shakti is cosmic existence as well as liberation.

Glorious Sexual Shakti is a sentient being of fluidity. She a beautiful and strong spirit. Sexual Shakti is the paramount potency essence of all divinity.

Glorious Sexual Shakti represents the natural sensitivities and essence of loving sexual vivacity exchange between two lovers. She begets wholeness and balances the yin and yang. She can be called upon by both men and women. The energies of this system are the inherent power of sacred sexuality, including freedom from inhibition.

This attunement encompasses all dimensions of sexuality, and will assist with the balance of polarities, bringing forth and essential and creative flow of sexuality.

The energies of Glorious Sexual Shakti Essence can assist to:
Feel beautiful
Love yourself as you are
Balance hormonal polarities
Balance emotional polarities
Balance physical polarities
Balance yin yang polarities
Bring lasting orgasmic pleasure
Enhance the sexual excitement between lovers
Bring joy into lovemaking
Remove inhibitions
Remove fear of intimacy
Bring courage to experiment
Expand sexual passion and ecstasy

Founder: Rosemary Noel