Aurora Butterfly of Peace Empowerment



The Aurora Butterfly of Peace diamond collection is an artwork consisting of 240 natural, fancy colored diamonds, weighing a combined total of 167 carats. This butterfly-shaped diamond mosaic was created over a period of twelve years by Alan Bronstein and Harry Rodman. The diamonds were collected and assembled one stone at a time. The Aurora Butterfly of Peace was conceived by the artists as an eternal icon of love, beauty, energy, nature and peace. it symbolizes a spiritual connection to earth for all mankind.

The Aurora Butterfly of Peace Empowerment will help you with:
Spiritual connection to earth
Ground energies
Balance all chakras
Clean the subtle body
Increase levels of energy
Connect you with your Divine Inner-self
Enhances inner vision
Increases healing ability
Develops awareness
Stimulates Clairvoyance and Telepathic Communication
Balances polarity
Love nature
Manifest abundance
Manifest prosperity

The energies of this system can be used with Reiki or separately.

Prerequisite: 3rd Level Reiki


Founder:  Maria Joao Sereno