Emotional Heart Comfort Reiki

Emotional Heart Comfort Reiki connects you to source energy and works with your heart and solar plexus chakras for healing, comfort and love. This system helps to heal emotional pain, sadness and discomfort. It also works to relieve symptoms of anxiety, fear, panic attacks and stress.

Fear is at the root of panic attacks, stress, anxiety, etc. These come from real and unreal fears that suddenly cause a variety of symptoms including dizziness, trouble breathing, high blood pressure and more. It does not matter what you are feeling stress or fear over, the symptoms can freeze you in your tracks.

The same is true for emotional sadness that comes from a broken heart, loss and depression caused by doubts and fears. The sorrow prevents you from moving on or being able to function.

With this attunement you will learn two different hand placements for using Emotional Heart Comfort Reiki.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)