Heart of the Dog Empowerment


Heart of the Dog Empowerment connects you to the energies and spirit, and the lessons and empowerment of the Dog. The Heart of the Dog brings in love, the healing, the loyalty and the companionship of the spirit of the dog. These energies can lift your spirit in times of sadness, and help you to feel love when you are alone.

Dogs are the essence of pure unconditional love. They feel love for us no matter what we do. They are always ready to play, or relax, or whatever we require of them. They seem to strive to please us, to make us happy, to love us, to be near us, and to share joy. Dogs teach us the lesson of acceptance. Through them, we learn to love and accept ourselves, and others. They also teach us to work together in cooperation with each other. As you grow and learn to accept others, your opportunities and your relationships grow and become better.

Dogs can lower your blood pressure, relieve stress and help you to overcome and recover from illness.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you to connect to the Heart of the Dog Empowerment.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)