Heart Root Chakra Synergy

Heart Root Chakra Synergy uses the Chakra Back Door Flush and Healing energy function and then activates a flow between the heart and root chakras to synergize their energies. The Chakra Back Door Flush can be used for the back side of any chakra as well.

The beauty of working with the back side or back door of your chakras is that it is an area that is often forgotten in other healing modalities. Both the back of our heart and root chakras are often targeted by people who want you attention, especially if you do not want to give them your time and energy. You may have been tugged energetically in these locations before.

Heart Root Chakra Synergy empowers you to either flush or heal the back doors of your chakras. When you activate this system you may experience an amazing energy flow begin to make its way from your lower back at your root chakra’s back door, up your spine, into the back of your heart chakra, out the front and down to your root chakra.

This system works multi and inter-dimensionally to help your heart and root chakra energies to be synergized every where and every when they are.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture