Gaea Goddess of Seasons, Abundance, Fertility & Love Empowerment


Gaea is Mother Goddess of the Seasons, Abundance, Fertility, Love, Healing, Empowerment and Enrichment. She is credited with creating the Universe. In Greek mythology Gaea gave birth to both the first race of gods (the Titans) and the first humans. She nourishes and cares for Her children, and brings rich blessings. As a Goddess of the Earth, She was also an Underworld Goddess who brought all her creations back to Her and destroyed as well as created. Gaea as the ever-present Earth was invoked in oaths as a witness, and as one who being All, knew all. She presides over marriages and oaths and was honored as a prophetess.

The manual for this system includes:
Physical Characteristics
Divine Feminine Teaching
Chakra Advancement
Spiritual Life Lesson
Divine Alignment
Higher Service
Superhuman Powers

Goddess Gaea Will Help You With:
Enhancing your mystical powers in energy works
Bringing life essence to your life and of others
Giving great power in healing
Enhancing your telekinetic power
Enhance your energy treatments
Enhance your femininity
Fertility problems
Solving relations and love problems
Bringing love into your life
Enhancing clairvoyance for tarot reading and in dreams
Be more in contact with nature
Abundance and prosperity for yourself, business and others
Protection for yourself, children, house and business

Founder:  Gabriela Yasmine Szafman