Goddess Isara Goddess of Passionate Energy


Goddess Isara is a Fire Goddess who personifies passion. She was a Mesopotamian Goddess and was also worshiped by the Syrians, Canaanites and Hittites. The Syrians worshipped Isara in scorpion form when they wanted to invoke passionate lovemaking skill. She sizzles with magnetic sexy power. Isara brings fair judgment and all oaths made in her name are sacred oaths. She projects her fiery energy in the upholding of oaths. You can invoke the passionate energy of Isara for all oaths but especially for the marriage oath.

Goddess Isara’s Element is Fire, which represents passion, enthusiasm, desire, force, lust, fertility, virility, initiative and rejuvenation.

Goddess Isara can be invoked for:
Passion and Sexuality
Fire and energy
Enforcement of oaths
Bringing forth new beginnings
Removing negative influences or people from you life

Isara gives you the courage to achieve these goals by fire and energy.

The manual includes:
Isara Candle Magick

Founder:  Rosemary Noel