Jasmine Aura Essence Empowerment



The Jasmine Aura Essence Empowerment is a gentle and very simple energy modality that works with and infuses us to the essence of the Jasmine Flower. Throughout time Jasmine has been used to grace the gardens of royalty. This beautiful flower radiates an aura of love, peace, tranquility and is often worn or given as a symbol of beauty and spiritual love. The Jasmine Aura Essence Empowerment works with all the gentle, loving healing energy of this most revered flower with a delicate scent to embody us in and through us in the essence of spiritual love.

The manual includes:
The History of the Jasmine Flower
Uses and Jasmine Cultivation and Cultural Importance
A Basic Guide to the Chakras and Aura, and the Emotional and Physical Aspects Associated With Them.
The Human Aura
Color Associations Connected With The Aura
Cleansing Exercise

Spiritual Aspects of Jasmine Flower:
Jasmine is associated mainly with the feminine. It has links to the planets of Jupiter and Earth. Jasmine can be used in love spells, charms and sachets. Women have used Jasmine from the earliest recorded history because of its seductive effects on men. It is a strong aphrodisiac and is often depicted being worn by women in Eastern countries as a love token. It has links to divine spiritual love and is used in many religious ceremonies throughout the world as offering to various religious deities and is often used in marriage rituals.

Founder:  Charlotte Ann Snares