Magickal Flowers


The Magickal Flowers Program will attune and connect you to the energies of many kinds of flowers. Each flower has unique energy patterns and different benefits. After you are attuned to these energies and work with them, you will find that every type of flower has a specific purpose and vibration. Every time you work with them, this energy will increase and will enhance your abilities for using the flowers related to their specific functions, such as love, friendship, purity, goal, success, protection, etc.

Magickal Flowers Program has 3 levels.

Level 1: You will be attuned to 4 kinds of flower energies as related to the 4 elements.
Heliotrope (Fire Element)
Vervain (Water Element)
Cherry (Earth Element)
Water Lily (Air Element)

Level 2: you will be attuned to many kinds of flower energies to use for physical healing, mental healing, helping you to resolve problems and your purpose or goals.

Acacia Amaryllis
Anemone Apple Blossom
Arbutus Bachelor’s Button
Beech Birch
Buttercup Camellia
White Carnation Increase Cedar
Red Chrysanthemum White Chrysanthemum
Clematis Fern
Fir Gladiolus
Hazel Heather
Hemlock Hibiscus
Lavender Lily of the Valley
Marigold Motherwort
Oak Orris Root
Tulip Willow



Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso

Levels 1 and 2 are one attunement.


More information about how to use the flowers and meditation work is included in Level 3, along with the Master attunement.