Morning Care

Morning Care incorporates new energies with a compilation of already well-established energy systems to help you to return fully from your night’s sleep and be ready for your day. We as multidimensional beings are in many places while we sleep. Return into our body isn’t always as smooth and complete as we might hope it to be. If we were doing some important dream work in other places, part of our being might be determined to stay put and complete it. That can be problematic when you, here in your body and need full concentration of your own spirit and energy to function optimally today.

This energy system is designed to be activated both “on the go” to help as much as possible if you don’t have time to recline and get comprehensive assistance and to be re-activated later when you have the time to recline and consciously activate each of the energy functions contained in the attunement.

Morning Care has “medic” and “healing sanctuary” qualities to it. These are meant to attend to the imprints on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies based on experiences you had in the dream time. There is a real need to help your body and emotions heal from wherever you were while sleeping. Many people go elsewhere to help other people or parts of themselves, which can be intense or even traumatic. Your body doesn’t know that it happened to a body someplace else and not itself. It needs to be educated and healed.

The main areas this energy system can help with are:
• Bringing you more fully and magnetically present here in this body
• Helping you to be properly installed in your body
• Calling in those who are qualified to complete dream work you were doing
• Clearing disturbing or obsolete dream scenarios
• Helping your body to realize that injuries you experience while in another body in another place or time while it was asleep did not happen to it
• Providing opportunity for emotional healing from traumas sustained while doing dream work in another time and place while your body was asleep
• Giving muscle, joint and meridian care to your physical body to help it be more comfortable as you start your day, here in this reality

Morning Care will attend to retrieving more of who you are, from wherever you were while you were asleep. It will then help you to be in your body in proper configuration. When you arrive back into your body it is important that you are fully reconnected with all parts of your body, emotional, mental, spiritual and astral bodies. If you were far away while asleep and were jolted into wakefulness, sometimes the arrival is less than comfortable.

Your Care team are Eternal Light, Love and Light Beings … be they your angels, guides, Ascended Masters or other Deities that you trust. The term CARE means Calling All Responsive Eternals. You will receive extremely personal and trustworthy assistance from the eternal beings that respond to your Care Team call, based on your soul history, and your experiences and purpose here.

Morning Care also attends to the normal body discomfort that occurs as a result of twisting or turning while asleep. If you awoke in an uncomfortable physical position you could have sustained aches and pains as a result. Your body will receive special assistance to restore your energy flow in an even way. Your meridians will receive clearing and replenishing and your joints and muscles will get a soothing flow of healing.

Functions of the Morning Care System:
Dream Work Completion
Dream Worker Replacement Call
Self Retrieval and Integration
Dream Scenario Clearance
Old Behavior Karmic Clearance
Old Behavior Cellular Memory Clearance
Old Behavior Subconscious Pattern Release
Comfort Wrap Reiki
Drop In Care

Morning Care Personal Use


Morning Care Master.
Prerequisite: Reiki or Seichim Master. This level allows you to pass this system along to others. You will receive both the Personal Use and Master Teacher Manuals with your purchase of Morning Care Master.


Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture