Open the Gates to Receive Reiki Empowerment

Open the Gates to Receive Reiki Empowerment helps you to open your physical, mental and spiritual energies of yourself, to receiving positive good things, people and energies. Often we block the flow of positive things coming to us by “locking the gates” so they cannot flow to us. This attunement “unlocks the gates” and opens them wide so that you can receive all good things and good fortune including positive relationships. It brings in love, joy and harmony as you work with the energies.

For whatever reasons, there are times when we build walls around ourselves to protect ourselves, or to reflect, or even to just retreat into a bit of privacy and quiet times. When we do this, it can build a fence around us that we are not even aware of. This fence will often cause the gates of opportunity and positive flow to close, stopping us from keeping to our path.

When the gates close, it can be only temporary or it can actually build until we have closed and locked the gates on our dreams. If this happens, positive energies, people and things we need to fulfill our dreams cannot come to us.

It is important to open the gates wide to allow happiness to enter our lives and bring healing, love and prosperity. Once they are open, it may be necessary to keep them open for opportunities and positive flow by running the energies of Open the Gates to Receive Reiki Empowerment whenever you feel guided.

You will be attuned to one symbol to help you connect with the energies of this system.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)