Power Red Energy Essence

Power Red Energy Essence calls up the inner powers of red energetically. The color red is a power color that you can use to become empowered. This attunement connects you to your higher self and the essence of power red. This very energy of this color can draw you to the right people, places and things you need to achieve your goals. More than that, the energy of color of Power Red helps you to be in control of your life so that you can stand in your power in body, mind and spirit.

Red puts you up front and center. Power Red is the color red combined with the intention of power. The energies called forth in Power Red Energy Essence are strong, powerful, abundant, winning energies. This is the color to use to be noticed, promoted, to find your passion in anything. Power Red is the hot color of action, of fearlessness, of moving obstacles out of the way. It can bring warmth, sizzling sexual energy, and control with authority. This color can push you to try harder, to help you to call up inner power reserves just when you feel you cannot go on, and help you to manifest personal power.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)

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