Self Love Reiki

Self love is an issue that virtually everyone deals with. We all suffer at times from feeling like we don’t fit in, we’re not good enough, we’re not pretty enough, or smart enough. These feelings are normal and to a certain extent healthy. The important thing is to learn how to love yourself while accepting your imperfections and faults. Nobody is perfect. Being human means being imperfect. By doing this work, we learn to love ourselves unconditionally, flaws and all.

Lack of self love is the root of many external issues including relationship problems, money problems and career woes. If you or your clients are continually repeating the same patterns in a particular area of life, then Self Love Reiki may be just what is needed to clear out the underlying issues for good.

Self Love Reiki does not rely on specific symbols but uses two archetypal images to activate the energies.

Butterflies: represent transformation.

Flowers: represent the concept of “blossoming.”

This system can be very powerful and can clear out many years of negative thought patterns. It is also useful after getting into an argument or being insulted by someone else. It can help you to accept and forgive yourself.

Included in the manual:
Self Love Meditation
Self Love Journal

Founder:  Stephanie Brail