Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment



Rainbow colors are a combination of all the main chakras in the body when put together for a powerful energy. Each color has its own vibration and energy and putting them together and also adding white makes it very powerful. Healing with color, light and energy is as old as the beginning of time or before. It is simple and inexpensive to do and use and can be sent to anyone or anything anywhere.

Rainbow Essence Healing Empowerment is a simple to use system that can be activated by visualization or with the help of a symbol you will be attuned to. The energies can be sent to a situation, another person or an animal, or out to the universe. They can also be sent to chakras or the aura. You can send healing back in time for things or situations, including childhood traumas, past relationships and even past lives. The possibilities are limitless.

The manual includes a meditation you can use in conjunction with the rainbow healing energy.

Founder:  Suzanne Roloff