Root Chakra Re-Alignment


You may have decided to move on from a relationship but may still be thinking about or longing for the person. You might be locked into position energetically with them, still having ‘cords’ attached. Root Chakra Re-Alignment is most effective when you’ve made a clear decision that for whatever reason, it isn’t healthy for you to be connected to this person.

Our root chakra is the area from which we reach out to home/tribe, the positioning of this area is to home and heart. The energies of this system work with your connection to your previous love interest or where you connect to community or groups. The techniques are designed to be done by practitioners on themselves and for their clients. Your Guardians of Light will carry these out, rearranging your energetic positioning as is proper. Generally it is Archangel Michael, or Raphael or Ariel that comes to assist, or if you are of a Shamanic belief, various power animals and elementals might answer your request.

Root Chakra Re-Alignment has more uses than simply to unlock your unhealthy condition with a past partner. It also unlocks and disengages you from unhealthy patterns of connection with family or other groups, friends, co-workers or business associates. You may also focus specifically on the proper alignment with another person, be it a romantic interest, or family, co-worker or group.

You have the sovereign authority over who to be connected with energetically and who not to. The root chakra is a place where many people will tug at you if their needs are not met and so a re-alignment is a ‘breather’. It is as a deep breath and now you can either begin anew with this person or move on.

Often times when two people are stuck energetically, locked in old unhealthy patterns they don’t know how to start again. Sometimes all that is necessary is to re-align one of the person’s root chakras upward to Source and then the two people can reconnect in a healthy way. By disengaging and allowing yourself to connect up to Source, you will be in a much better place energetically to re-unite with your mate if you want to make a fresh healthy new start to your relationship.

Root Chakra Re-Alignment is a wonderful tool to use either in person or in long distance sessions. It is versatile and works very well in various client life situations.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture