Spirit of the Tortoise Empowerment


Spirit of the Tortoise Empowerment connects you to your higher self, and to the spirit of the Tortoise for empowerment and enlightenment. This attunement helps with healing, good fortune and with bringing in youthful energies for longevity. The Tortoise is a wonderful spirit animal to work with for positive energies in lightwork and healing.

Working with the energies of the Tortoise, you will discover that your memory improves, you begin to feel younger and your endurance is stronger. The energies of the Tortoise also bring in a steady increase of abundance and steady perseverance in the face of obstacles.

You will be attuned to one symbol to help you connect to the Spirit of the Tortoise. The manual teaches you how to use the energy for:

Longevity and youthful beauty
For good fortune
Tortoise spirit guide animal

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf