Stealth of the Cat Empowerment

Stealth of the Cat Empowerment connects you quickly to the lessons and the power of the Cat. This attunement empowers you to quietly and determinedly continue your path while removing or avoiding the obstacles that may hold you back or block your path. The stealth of the Cat helps you move forward easily to achieve your goals.

Everyone has heard of the eye of the tiger, but in truth, all cats have the ability to zero in on their target and quickly and silently pounce on it. These same energies come through for anyone working with cat energies. The spirit of the cat empowers you with the determination to see things through, the abilities to see it, target it and achieve it.

You can connect to the cat energies and use the lessons of stealth to work your way through or around anything that may try to block your success.

Cats are also considered to be magickal, and to be able to see spirit and energies, and other entities that might be lurking around. Their magick helps you to be more intuitive and increase your psychic abilities.

There is almost a royal energy about all cats and a sense of sleekness and energy that commands power. Cats have an independent attitude of pure confidence.

You will be attuned to a symbol to help you in working with the Stealth of the Cat Empowerment.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf