Crystal Being Therapy

Crystal Being Therapy is therapy for you, administered by various Crystal Beings of the Silicate group of minerals. After your attunement you will have the authority to ask for specific therapies that the Crystal Beings will administer to you perfectly. Each Crystal Being Therapy will be comprised of a different combination of Silicate Crystal Beings, based on what your concerns are that day.

Crystal Being Therapy provides you the ease and freedom of simply speaking your concerns and needs to your Silicate Crystal Beings, and the appropriate ones will arrive to administer your therapy. You don’t need to know what crystal has benefit. There are times when a crystal you’ve never met will be the exact right one to help for any concern you have for your body and life. The sentient, aware energy of the Crystal Beings will arrive to assist you.

Some therapies you may ask for include:
• Ethereal Crystal Awareness
• Toxin Burn and Release
• Isolate and remove pathogens and allergens
• Speed Recovery into Health
• Bring me into the present moment, here and now
• Reduce muscle tension
• Pain relief and nervous system relaxation
• Increase Intuitive Perception
• Help me to see the best solution
• Increase Meditation Mind
• Ease headache
• Ease sprain pain and heal sprains and bruises
• Isolate rogue cells and rewrite DNA instructions to normal healthy human cell reproduction or render them incapable of replicating
• Accelerate Healthy New Human Cell function
• Clear me of other people’s emotions and their pictures of reality
• Calm my mind and release my unrealistic fears
• Give me courage and inner strength to speak my truth
• Sexual Energy Concentration and Arousal

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture

This attunement is sent by chi ball only.