Excess Fat Care

Excess Fat Care is a simple and comprehensive energy system comprised of a flush and Shakti to help your body reduce excess fat. Shakti are feminine divine intelligences who are similar to angels but are of a different lineage. They respond to sincere intent. Care is required to escort out of the body any toxins your cells release as fat is reduced.

Excess Fat is defined as bigger fat deposits in your cells than is comfortable for you. This system is designed to reduce the excess fat that your body is carrying. If you use this energy system regularly, giving the Shakti time to work with your body, you will see beneficial results physically.

You will also be attuned to Metabolizer Shakti whose job will be to work with your body so that it understands that you are asking it to metabolize excess fat. Weight loss is a physical process. You don’t want to lose muscle. You want the excess fat to be metabolized. Some of it will be turned into energy, which your body can use, and much of it will be liquefied and excreted through your kidneys and bladder.

Other functions of Excess Fat Care:

The Toxin Escort Shakti who will escort the toxins your body may have stored in your fat out of your body.

Cellular Memory Flush, which is designed to only flush away the recordings of adverse reaction patterns and emotional imprints that have no benefit to you at this time in our life.

Excess fat care is effective for both men and women.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture