Golden Self Transcendence


Golden Self Transcendence is a spiritual development form that will help with issues dealing with freedom, moving and transcending throughout our spiritual selves and realization. Self Transcendence is Freedom. It is about going beyond our current limitations.

Self Transcendence can apply to any aspect of our being – the physical, mental and especially spiritual, as this is where the spiritual concept that we are growing into a more illumining nature and gaining a bigger perspective of our true self. It is a personal journey of self-discovery. This helps us to become aware of the infinite consciousness of inner peace and a connection of us as a whole.

You will be attuned to a symbol for each of the The Three Phases of Self-Transcendence:

1. Self Mastery: conquering your emotions instead of your emotions controlling you. It is the mastery of negative issues that you can remove from your mind and replace them with positive thoughts. This is about being responsive instead of reactive.

2. Balance: your ability to function for the “greater good for all concerned in all areas of your life.” Balance is the ability to live both in the physical and spiritual worlds, integrating both into your daily life.

3. Self-Transcendence: to have consistently practiced Self-Mastery and to continue to stay balanced until this becomes your natural daily living pattern.

Founder:  Nicole Lanning