Inner Body Protector

Inner Body Protector provides protection from unwanted people and energies arriving to you from the inner planes. There are many inner planes of existence. In the microcosm of life within you there are many doorways to other places and spaces. The doorways lead deep within and eventually through the inner worlds, which expand inter-dimensionally. Occasionally, places along the membranes of our inner body become thin, or someone we visit through the inner passageways follows us home. It is at those times that increased security at the doorways to our inner passages can be very important.

Inner Body Protector is an inter-dimensional protective shield that provides concealment so that any entry points, doorways are less noticeable.

Bentonite Sealant is another function of this system. It is the spiritual energy function of Bentonite clay, what fills in any weak places or holes in the inner lining of your body. This function can be used before you go to sleep as a regular part of your daily spiritual hygiene to increase your inner security.

Founder:  Mariah Windsong Couture