Sexual Flush Clearing Activations



The Sexual Flush Clearing Activations work to clear out spiritual, physical, emotional and mental blockages that thwart you from experiencing the ultimate in sexual bliss. The purpose of this system is to allow your life force energy to flow freely so you have more depth and intimacy in your sexual experiences.

The Sexual Flush Clearing Activation has six levels.

1. Sexual Negative Mental Imprints Clearing Activation: during this activation your energetic bodies will be cleansed of sexual negative mental imprinting. Negative imprints are any negative subconscious beliefs that you may hold about yourself. Working with this activation regularly may assist to clear all issues involving people, memories, feelings and sensations from previous and present lifetimes preventing you from experiencing liberation in your sexual life.

2. Blockage and Inhibition Clearing Activation: blockages and inhibitions will be cleansed, allowing you to be free of guilt, manipulation, shame and fear so you can begin to enjoy a new level of sexual empowerment.

3. Sex Chakra and Bio-Energy Generator Clearing Activation: bio-generator is life force energy that circulates in your meridians, vortexes, and aura. The Sex Chakra is your strongest bio-energy generator that provides a flow of energy into the base chakra and then up the spine and is responsible for producing the continual activity of your sex hormones.

4. Fear and Trust Clearing Activation: without trust in your intimate relationships anxiety, fear and disappointment will always be in the background. Trust is also essential for healthy sex. This activation removes the fear of trusting if being hurt in the past has kept you from feeling emotionally safe and trusting.

5. Sexual Trauma Imprinting Clearing Activation: imprinting is any unwanted or shamed sexual contact. This activation removes imprints that may have caused you physical, emotional or sexual trauma.

6. Master Teacher Activation: this activation gives you the opportunity to pass the Sexual Flush Clearing Activations to others.

There is a 24 hour wait between levels. The system may be passed seven days after receiving the first attunement.

It is recommended that you be a Reiki Master to attune others, but if you are experienced in working with energy you may attune others.


Founder:  Rosemary Noel