Aura Painting Reiki


Aura Painting Reiki – Healing & Success Empowerment connects you to creative source and your higher self for empowerment and healing. The colors of your aura change with your moods and your thoughts. It constantly pulses with energy and is often swirling or splashed with color. The technique of this system helps you to heal your aura and energy, which also brings in physical healing, success and manifestation of your desired. Aura Painting Reiki helps you to become empowered and positively charged with energy to accomplish your goals, heal yourself and others and feel happier.

Situations and circumstances that you experience throughout your day are interpreted by your personal perceptions, your attitude, your outlook, your point of view, and programming etc. These perceptions are judged according to your thoughts as good or bad. They in turn create emotions and feelings about what has happened and affect your energy fields including your aura.

We are energy beings living in a physical body. We communicate on the ethereal spiritual plane in colors and in feelings. We can also be affected on the physical plane. We have the ability to change the colors and energies of our energy fields by changing our thoughts, our viewpoints and our way of looking at things, which will change the colors and energies of our aura. Aura Painting Reiki gives you an easy and fast way to work on positive changes and manifestations.

Founder:  Daelyn Wolf (Linda Colibert)