Earth Body Enlivening

Earth Body Enlivening is a unique energy and modality based from the Earth’s energy. It helps to enliven your physical body by throwing vortices of uplifting energy toward areas where energy flow is blocked. These vortices break up physical impediments, energetic blockages and encrusted patterns so that your body can accept more life-giving energy.

Earth Body Enlivening will increase your ability to stay focused in the moment, remain standing strong in your truth with understanding dropping quickly into the body/mind. This energetic tool will assist your ability to ebb and flow throughout your daily events, keeping you grounded as you move through the different stages of your transformation. These energies flow to rid the body of pain and suffering, remove energy blocks and help to keep you flowing and connected to the Earth’s pulse effortlessly.

This system acts somewhat like adrenaline, waking up and energizing areas of the body that appear to be sleeping. Working with Earth Body Enlivening encourages a deeper recognition of your connection with the life of the Earth. It inspires a positive, joyful attitude and gives you the motivation and energy to take creative action.

A meditation is included in the manual to help you to connect with Mother Earth.


Founder:  Hari Andri Winarso