Friends of the Sea Empowerment




We can learn much from sea creatures. They have many lessons and abilities to share with us. You will be empowered with the energies of many different aspects of sea life with this attunement. Friends of the Sea Empowerment connects you to the following:

Seahorse’s Wisdom
Orca’s Wisdom
Polar Bear’s Wisdom
Dolphin/Porpoise’s Wisdom
Sea Eagle’s Wisdom
Turtle/Tortoise Wisdom
Penguin’s Wisdom
Seal’s Wisdsom
Gull’s Wisdom
Octopus/Squid’s Wisdom
Crab’s Wisdom
Manatee/Dugong’s Wisdom
Manta Ray’s Wisdom
Jellyfish’s Wisdom
Whale’s Wisdom
Oyster’s Wisdom
Sea Slug’s Wisdom
Eel’s Wisdom
Lobster’s Wisdom
Coral’s Wisdom
Barracuda’s Wisdom
Sand Dollar’s Wisdom
Hermit Crab’s Wisdom
Starfish’s Wisdom
Horseshoe Crab’s Wisdom
Sea Fan’s Wisdom

Founder:  Carol Ann Tessier