Grandmaster Five Elements

Grandmaster Five Elements is a system that comes from Germany and mingles the Chinese energy healing of Qi Gong with the Japanese energy healing of Reiki.

According to the sages of old China, the world is supported by five mystical elements. Wood helps Fire grow, which makes ashes for Earth, which produces Metal, which digs to find Water, which helps Wood to grow.

When you were born you became Qi, an inner awareness and force. Your Qi can react to other people, to the earth and wind and water, to trees and animals in marvelous ways.

We work with our energy qi through our minds and bodies. Pressing certain areas of the body can stimulate sluggish Qi or calm overly active Qi.

Included in Grandmaster Five Elements:
Working with Qi
Two Circles
Filling With Light
Bouncing The Light
Wind And Water Fingers
Closing The Area Down
Working With The Elements
Dancing With The Elements
When Elements Are Strongest
Stopping The Ghost Line
Commanding Of The House
How To Attune Others To This System
No Greed, No Fear

Founder:  Stewart Farquharson

Sent by chi ball only.